Team Building-"School. Home. Happy"

"School. Home. Happy" is the eternal and unshakable policy of SPACE. The corporate philosophy of SPACE originates from the ancient humanistic philosophy of "live in peace and work happily". It first emphasizes the concept of "home". SPACE's definition of business as: The company pursues a win-win situation and is a good place for employees to be the masters of the home and to learn and entertain! The purpose of work is to enjoy life and to live a better life.

SPACE uses management and cultural and technological innovation to attract a group of business owners from employment to occupation to career. Help employees to think about the difference between success and failure: what they are willing to do and unwilling to do, what they do seriously and cope with, what they do after summing up and what they don’t, what they do professionally, work as a job and work as a career, success and failure divide the watershed-"mindset determines success or failure".


Team culture

attract people with development, gather people with career, drive people with innovation, and inspire people with performance


Team goals

strive for top performance, top quality, create quality services, and build brand enterprises


Employee commitment

to provide maximum development space and improve the best benefits


Communication principles

communication to reach cooperation, communication to promote tacit understanding


Keep learning principle

Knowledge Changes Destiny, Learning Achieves the Future


Quality policy

Second best is not good enough, we purchase for extraordinary.