The overall reliability of outdoor LED rotary advertising display is good


1. Site visit

Field investigation refers to the unified testing of the group's main parameters such as natural environment, natural geographical factors, lighting categories, chromaticity acceptance, and so on before installing outdoor LED rotary displays. In order to better ensure the smooth installation of the rotary screen, it is necessary to uniformly arrange and implement the lifting scheme to ensure all normal and stable applications of the machinery and equipment.

Basic structure of LED rotary display system

When building outdoor LED rotary display screens, it is necessary to distinguish between P? Display screen, rotation, progress, fixed rotation, etc. During the specific installation process, the use of lifting equipment should be improved in sections according to the spacing and aspect ratio. In addition, the above personnel should ensure mutual cooperation, and the installation and application process of LED rotary display screens operated at high altitude is stronger.

3. Dimming cover adjustment

Due to the different coverage areas of data signals, the angle of the LED rotating display screen will also be different. Therefore, outdoor LED rotary displays must be fixed and installed according to specific application conditions and general viewing angles to ensure that all normally balanced images and advertising industrial equipment containing frameless external subtitle information can be seen from any angle.

Post inspection includes many layers, such as the moistureproof performance of LED rotary displays, heat dissipation layers, moistureproof coatings on the surface of LED rotary displays, waterproof and rainproof areas of LED rotary displays, heat dissipation on both sides, power plugs, and so on. This basic component includes commodities. The overall reliability of the LED rotary display is very good. In the subsequent technical maintenance, it is necessary to carry out unified management methods and maintenance for such components. If the product exhibits rust, instability, damage, etc., it must be replaced immediately to ensure the safe and stable operation of all displays.